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Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


One of the healthiest habits is to refresh moments in your home on a regular basis. This gives fresh perspective and helps your life feel organized.

If you’re on a strict budget but you need tips for freshening up your home, here are several ways you can do that.

  1. Let’s start with greenery. Any touch of the outdoors brings life into your home. So start with fresh greenery next to your kitchen sink, the center of your kitchen table, center of your coffee table, or on your entry table. It can be real or faux, but real greenery cleans the air and is cheaper. Now find a spot in your home and add a large vase and fill it with some fresh greenery.

  2. Where you sleep is very important. It plays a major role in your day to day health and performance. With that being said, a fresh set of sheets is the best place to start. Sheet sets made of natural fibers such as cotton or linen help enhance your sleep. Another important sleeping element is your pillow. Always wash your pillow weekly or biweekly. Keeping your pillow clean and fluffy keeps consistent comfort every night.

  3. Scents are another element that can enhance your mood and the atmosphere of your home. Find candles with scents that exude clean and fresh feelings. Fresh linen, lavender, cedar, or champagne scented candles are a great start.

  4. Lighting is another very important element in the home. Find a spot in your home that needs a new lighting fixture. Does your bedside table need a new lamp? Maybe your living room needs a fresh statement with a floor lamp? When selecting light bulbs, always pick soft white light density. This creates a warm inviting feeling in your home unlike daylight bulbs which are too cold and white.

  5. Artwork or framed prints are a great way to add something new to a blank or boring wall. Black and white prints, landscape paintings, or family photos always gives a wall purpose. Find a spot in your home that could use a new view.

We hope this blog post helps accomplish the fresh feel you need in your home. Did you find this blog helpful? Share your feedback with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Stay connected, more Design Guide blog posts to come!

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