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About Us

Sam Mitchell is the founder and principal designer of Mitchell Design & Co, a thriving interior design firm that embodies creativity and elegance. With an unwavering passion for design and a deep appreciation for all things beautiful, Sam's journey began as a teenager, captivated by the emotional impact of clients experiencing their transformed spaces on HGTV. This transformative experience ignited a burning desire within Sam to create spaces that evoke joy and happiness.


After graduating from design school, Sam honed his expertise in the furniture industry, gaining valuable insights and understanding into the intricate nuances of interior elements. Armed with years of experience in design software and a keen eye for aesthetics, Sam made the bold decision to follow his heart's calling and established Mitchell Design & Co in 2020. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Sam and his wife both run the firm together. 


The core mission of the firm is to bring positive change to people's lives by crafting spaces that elevate their well-being and lifestyle. Through thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail, Mitchell Design & Co seeks to create environments that not only inspire but also promote better health and overall happiness. With a focus on curating personalized spaces that reflect the unique essence of each client, Sam continues to make a profound impact on the lives of his clients, one breathtakingly beautiful space at a time.

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The MD&CO Team.


Sam Mitchell

Founder & Principal Designer


Samantha Mitchell

Assistant Designer & Marketing

Design Philosophy

Here at our design firm, we only offer classic and timeless design. Every project we encounter, we learn about the client's needs and the story they love to tell in their home. Applying our design expertise and experience, we turn any space into an inviting yet stunning piece of art. 

We offer a refined collection of services for any space. To learn about our studio, click the button below to view our service collection and learn how everything works. 

Need to book a project with us?

Either if you need to start with a consultation or book a full-service project, we offer multiple service packages to meet whatever your needs are.

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